When you take a holiday in our resort of Alpe d'Huez, or anywhere in the mountains, you must remember and take into account that we are high in altitude, so we recommend the following;

  • Dress your child warmly! Even if it is very beautiful, the weather in the mountains can change quickly. Always ask about weather forecasts !

  • Equipment advised: ski or snowboard suit, helmet, mask,goggles or sunglasses ... also remember sunscreen with a high protection factor!

  • Rent your equipment from specialists! If you are already equipped, have your equipment checked and adjusted by a professional in order to be equipped safely & to fully enjoy your stay.

  • A snack is provided for children at the 'Chalet des enfants' and Club Piou Piou. For all others, remember to put a little snack in the pocket!

Do not forget to tell our instructors any information about your child that you think is useful!