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Texte d'introduction
Are you coming to our resort and have questions ?
Here are some questions and answers to the most common we are asked.

I'm not sure about my child's level ?
Our instructors always carry out an assessment the first day to check that everyone is in the right level; if it were not right, they will switch into the right group.

I have booked lessons for half-days; is the lift pass sold with the lesson valid for the rest of the day?
Yes, the lift pass is valid for 6 full days, even for the initiation lessons & lift pass.

If I'm late to pick up my child, where should I collect my child at the end of their lesson?
If you are late to pick up your child at the end of the lesson, please let us know by phone and we will return them to our office where they can wait with our secretaries. Please check which office as it could be the Chalet ESF des Grandes Rousses or in the office of the ESF of the Bergers according to the meeting point of the lessons.

How many children are there per group?
Depending on which weeks, the number of pupils varies. Thus, it is certain that during school holidays of Christmas / New Year and February, the courses are very busy. There can be 14  in the morning and a dozen in the afternoons, hence we offer the "TOP 6" courses limited to 6 pupils during the 4 weeks of the school holidays of February between 12:30 and 14:30.

I forgot to bring my child's progress and levels book?
Our instructors will be happy to issue a new one along with their medal!

Do you supply ski equipment ?
No, we do not deal with the material. The ski rental shops of the resort are there for this, and will be in the best position to advise you on the choice of the equipment according to the levels and desires of your activity. Let yourself be advised by the professionals of the sports shops!

I will only be there for 5 days will the price be less expensive? ?
Whether for 5 or 6 days, the price is the same as it is a package. Indeed, if you only take 3 days it will be 3 times the individual lesson price, however, from 4 days, it will cost you more individually than for the week.

Do I need to book in advance, or will there be plenty of availability when we arrive? ?
We strongly recommend you book, especially if it is during the school holidays. They are very busy times, and we try to satisfy the customers as much as possible, but when all our instructors have been assigned, and we have no more available, we have to block the lessons as full.

I own a property in Alpe d'Huez, do I get a discount on lessons?
Membership in the APACH Association gives you a number of benefits. For more information, contact them directly on 04 78 85 58 17, or by mail:
For ski lessons, on presentation of your valid membership card, you can benefit from 10% on group lessons in the morning or per day for 1 week of non-ski passes, excluding meals, and of 15% on the group lessons in the afternoon for 1 week of courses except package, excluding meals.
By phone, the copy of your APACH card will be asked systematically by mail before validating the price.

Am I insured by my bank ?
Some banks offer insurance, each bank is different, ask your bank directly to have all the conditions on your insurance and make sure you are adequately covered for winter sport activities (support, repatriation, reimbursement of care, refund of ski lessons, reimbursement of lift passes, ...)

If you still have a few questions? Please contact us and our staff will be happy to answer them for you!