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The best Kids Club for your little un's.
Join the Pitchouns (Little un's) and Kids of Alpe d'Huez! From 4 years and from the Flocon level and above.

The purpose of this specific Kids Club is to welcome children who want to learn to ski, be with the same group of friends in each session, have the same ESF instructor to find the same instructor throughout the season and to learn all aspects of the competition, the freestyle, the snowboard and obviously alpine skiing.

For each child, there will be an answer to every request. The children stay together throughout their progression and build memories over a number of years of skiing.

Your Pitchouns (Little un's) are welcomed on Saturday afternoons (excluding school holidays) and the first week of the school holidays in zone A. (Each year and from one year to the next this may change according to the distribution of holiday areas).

Kids are welcomed on Saturdays afternoons (excluding school holidays) and on Sunday mornings and the first week of the school holidays, also in zone A.

Dates & Times
Lessons meet at ESF Grandes Rousses
Helpful Hints

Like any membership in a sports club, the children must have the following:

  • Snow card for children born in 2012 and after
  • FFS license for children born in 2011 and before

These licenses ensure the practice of skiing and allow children to participate in the ski races.

Registration is open from October 15th, contact us for more details and to get the registration form!

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Or telephone;
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