Follow in the footsteps of those who preceded you centuries ago

Those who built the story of what was originally a small mountain village ...

This snowshoe hike is an easy level, yet plunges you into the landscapes of those who developed Alpe d'Huez from the twelth century. Here, on the plateau of Brandes-en-Oisans, was an exploited silver & lead mine belonging to the Dauphin. Here, coal mining took over, until the mid-twentieth century, thanks to the Herpie mine. Centuries of history surrounds you on a route tracing the conditions of the life of the village elders.

The 'Time Travel' programme details

The success of this hike will depend on the kindness of the weather. If conditions require adjusting or suspension of this outing, we will notify you the day before.
The afternoon
  • Meet at ESF des Bergers at 14:15.
  • Safety is a priority! Distribution of safety equipment before departure and preparation for the outing: snow conditions, weather etc.
  • From the local ESF, we join the chalets of the Altiport along the tracks.
  • Thanks to small off-piste passages, we make our mark in the powder by going up the canyon of Rif Brillant.
  • We then follow a route under the mines of Herpie to reach the Brandes-en-Oisans plateau.
  • We leave via the Altiport to return to the ESF office at 17:00.

Provisions supplied

  • Security kit (bag, shovel, DVA, radio)

You bring

  • Snowshoes and poles
  • Walking boots
  • Small snacks like cereal bars
  • Water

Highlights of the 'Time Travel' programme

  • The striking contrast between the atmosphere of the resort and these spaces that give the impression of having never been crossed.
  • The leap back in time, in these landscapes that were the same as the villagers of yesteryear.
  • The grand landscapes of the Massif de la Meije.


Beautiful viewing points
"You quickly have the impression of being alone in the world going up the small wild canyons, while the resort is not so far away! And the crossing to Brandes offers magnificent views."