Who's got the edge?
Want to compete against your family or friends in a slalom?

Ever dreamed of being downhill slalom skiing? Well now's your luck! With family, friends or colleagues, practice live on the slalom track, explode out of the gates and smash the time on the clock!

Receive top class coaching by professional esf instructor, learn the techniques and train like the pros. Your playground is the Alpe d'Huez stadium, where the most beautiful and challenging competitions have taken place. Then it's time for you to participate in an official event, organised by esf.

Under real competition conditions, your friends, your family, your colleagues; everyone is there to encourage you ... or challenge you! The adrenaline of the challenge increases, the pressure of the race heightens, the concentration intensifies. You hear the number of your bib, your name, then its just you and the track, the gates in front of you and the finish line to cross in record time !!

Who will get the best time? It plays out in the end, with a real podium finish. Are you todays hero?

The 'Beat the Clock' programme details...

The success of this activity will depend on weather conditions. If conditions require adjustments or suspension of this programme, we will notify you the day before.
The afternoon
  • See you at 2:15 pm at the esf Grandes Rousses.
  • Meet your coach, who accompanies you to the competition stadium of esf.
  • You begin the practice and the recognition of the course with the coach.
  • The training begins, under the watchful eye of your coach, they will give you technical training to maximise your performance
  • An official opener makes the base time that will be paired with yours to determine the colour of your medal.
  • Then it's up to you! One mission: give it your best shot!
  • Climb on to the podium for the medal ceremony. Then a well deserved snack awaits.
  • Return to the esf office at 5pm

You bring

  • Skis / ski equipment
  • Helmet & Goggles

Beat the Clock
From 50€/pers.

Highlights of the 'Beat the Clock' programme

  • The adrenaline of competition: be at your best to beat that clock!
  • Follow in the tracks of great champions: Laure Pequegnot, Gauthier de Tessières.


It's always crazy to see how competition can galvanize a family: in the end, it's every man for himself! And when the snack comes, fair play takes over.