Strap on your snowshoes and enjoy the soothing silence of nature

Far away from the slopes and the hustle and bustle you rise a little higher to get closer to the glaciers of Grandes Rousses

Your hike starts on the Col du Milieu where you will learn everything you need to know about the weather station which is situated there. This being so precious for the resort.
Snowshoe the plateau's of the higher lakes that awaits you at the foot of the big peaks of Les Rousses, the Pic Blanc, Pic Bayle and Pic de l'Etendard.
You will feel so small in front of these immensities of snow and ice!
You continue to Lake Fare where at the shelter of Father Rajon you open the doors to a welcome break.
In the distance are theBelledonne and Vercors Massifs.
You return on the ridges on the west side and the experience concludes with a magnificent landscapes to devour the eyes.

The 'Glaciers' programme details

The success of this trip will depend on weather conditions. If conditions require adjustments or suspension of this programme we will notify you the day before.
The morning
  • Meet at 9.00am at esf Grandes Rousses.
  • Safety is a priority! Distribution of safety equipment before departure and preparation for the outing: snow conditions, weather etc..
  • From the premises of the esf we climb towards the Col du Milieu and it's weather station at an altitude of 2700m by the double mono cable (DMC).
  • We then go on the plateau of the upper lakes, facing the great glaciers.
  • We cross this eastern plateau to the lake of Father (Fare) where you see the shelter of Father Rajon at more than 2600m. The place is perfect for a short break before returning to the resort.
  • We leave by the crests of the western border.

Provisions supplied:

  • Security kit (bag, shovel, DVA, radio)

For you to bring:

  • Snowshoes and poles
  • Good walking boots
  • Small snacks like cereal bars
  • Water
The Glaciers
From 50€/pers. + pedestrian lift pass 

Highlights of the 'Glaciers' programme

  • The total disconnection with the busy resort. With the nature, it's silence and softness will impress you.
  • The spectacle of the glaciers as it's so rare to have so many at the same place!
  • A small piece of history of the station: Father Rajon's shelter was once a mountain hospital for the Maquis de l'Oisans, in 1944.

Testimonials !

This is a place steeped in history
"I like the special atmosphere of this plateau which is far from the chair lifts, that allows you to get close to the glaciers and the silence that surrounds it."