Pic Blanc, Sarenne, combe du Loup ... 

These are the names of the resorts must-sees and most reputable access to off-piste for both skiing or snowboarding!

You will depart from the Pic Blanc at an altitude of 3330m where you will witness a 360 ° view.
If the sun is at i's maximum you will have 1 / 5th of the French territory around you!
Then the Sarenne awaits you (16km is the longest marked trail in Europe). You connect it's two peaks before immersing yourself in the raw nature of the valley of Château Noir and the combe du Loup, which was a ski slope a long time ago.

The 'Mythical East' programme details

The success of this trip will depend on weather conditions. If conditions require adjustments or suspension of this programme we will notify you the day before.
DVA initiation mandatory if not used to it !
The morning
  • Meet at 9.00am at the esf Grandes Rousses.
  • Safety is a priority! Distribution of safety equipment before departure and preparation for the outing: snow conditions, weather etc..
  • We leave at 9.15am in the direction of the cable car to reach the summit of the Pic Blanc at an altitude of 3330m. 
  • From the Pic Blanc we go down the first part of the Sarenne track to the GUC chalet.
  • From the chalet we follow the ridge that connects the northern summit to the summit of Sarenne.
  • We cross the valley of Château Noir to reach the summit of the Combe du Loup.
  • We take the direction of the Sarenne pass, then we fork to the valley of Sarenne until the chairlift takes us back to the resort.
  • Back at the ESF office at noon.

Provisions supplied

  • Security kit (bag, shovel, DVA, radio)

You bring

  • All terrain skis
  • Helmet
  • Water
The Mystical East
From 40€/pers.

Highlights of the 'Mystical East' programme

  • At 3330m the panorama is simply breathtaking.
  • Frequent meetings with local wild inhabitants like the Chamois.
  • The vastness of the valley dotted with spectacular resurgences of limestone.


You will feel like you've skied to the end of the world.
"At the end of the morning it feels like you have experienced the end of the world. We ski quite far to the EAST. When I take people on this off-piste course I always hope to come face to face with a chamois (goat/antelope with short horns). "