Off the beaten track!

Away from the ski slopes, why not spend time with your friends or family with an exceptional afternoon group activity. Take your aim and experience the fun and exhilaration of biathlon! A real nordic treat!

On foot, on snowshoes or on skis, maybe for an alternative birthday gift, to spice up a stag or hen party or to reinforce the bond of your work team. Whatever the occasion biathlon is great for group participation. Think about Biathlon during your stay in the resort, as it is a great alternative to the ski slopes!

The idea is to enjoy a real adventure together whatever your level. An introduction to biathlon opens the door to an enjoyable sport driven by the positivity of the group. The big challenge: the competitive spirit is awoken and the question is 'which team will lift the trophy in the end?' Give it your best shot! concentration and enthusiasm are key to success in this friendly discipline. Whatever the outcome you will relive the race a hundred times around a drink or dinner table. 

The 'Biathlon' programme details...

The success of this trip will depend on weather conditions. If conditions require adjustments or suspension of this programme we will notify you the day before.
The afternoon
  • Meet at 2:15pm at the Nordic park site (next esf Grandes Rousses)
  • Safety is a priority! Distribution of safety equipment before departure and preparation for the outing: snow conditions, weather etc.
  • You benefit from a first initiation with our laser and lead rifles.
  • It's time for the challenge; Which team will be the best? Which strategy will prove successful?
  • Award of the trophy to the victorious team.
  • Return to esf at 5pm

Provisions supplied

  • Rifles (laser, lead)

You bring

  • Skis and poles or snowshoes (waterproof shoes)
  • Water

Highlights of the 'Biathlon' programme

  • A fun group with a competitive spirit. We enjoy a real journey in a big resort and experience the wonders of Nordic Biathlon
  • Great spirit and encouragement evolve in each group and strong links inforced.
  • A great experience to share


Team Spirit
Concentration, breathing, skiing fast, shooting well, helping and encouraging each other are the ingredients to take your team to victory.