The station doesn't go to sleep at night, especially for our mountain nature and wildlife.

A night accessible nordic excursion, to watch the sunset over the village and the mountains. A calm, soothing and beautiful rare moment to enjoy.

The last skiers leave the slopes and it's time for them to return to the village, but for you the adventure is just beginning. The first stars are beginning to shine and the night slowly arrives. Watch how the resort and mountains change...
You arrive on the plateau of Poutran. An ideal place to watch in peace the way the sun colours the sky and slowly disappears behind the Belledonne massif. Watch the stars get brighter and the moon reflect off the snow. On the way back, you make a stop at a small hut, which is the the hippodrome of Poutran. There are no horses at this time of the season, but torches that give the place a magical appearance. Here, it's time to regain our strength with a typical mountain snack: sausage, cheese and white wine. Then you find your way back to the station, at your own pace, equipped with a headlamp, head for the flickering lights of the sleepy station.

The 'Nordic Nights' programme details...

The success of this trip will depend on weather conditions. If conditions require adjustments or suspension of this programme we will notify you the day before.
The evening
  • The start time will be arranged according to the sunshine of the moment: the precise schedules will be defined a week before.
  • Safety is a priority! Distribution of safety equipment before departure and preparation for the outing: snow conditions, weather etc.
  • Departing locally from esf Grandes Rousses, we leave towards the plateau of Poutran.
  • Arriving at the summit, we have plenty of time to admire the sunset behind the mountains of Belledonne.
  • During the descent, we will stop in a small cabin to share a snack.
  • Return via the slopes with the light of your head torch.

Provisions supplied

  • Head Torch
  • Security kit (bag, shovel, DVA, radio)

You bring

  • Cross-country skis and poles
  • Water

Highlights of the 'Nordic Nights' programme

  • A sunset on the snow: the 'picture postcard", but in truth, a memorable experience!
  • The environment and sensations are so different from the day. Watch the night and the life of nature around you come to life. The desire to not disturb the silence.


A night escape
I really like to go skiing at night at the closing of the slopes to cut off all the noise from the resort and have the feeling of being alone in the world. I particularly like climbing to the plateau of Poutran to admire the sun set over the Belledonne massif giving this beautiful orange colour to the Grandes Rousses. Truely Breathtaking!