En famille
Family biathlon
Have you watched on your screens the olympic sport of Biathlon? well why not try with your family and friends. A fabulous competitive afternoon awaits.
Texte d'introduction & contenu
- Afternoon
- 2 hrs 30 mins
- Difficult level : 1/5
The nordic park and its biathlon stadium are here for you. Before the big departure, everyone chooses their rifle: elastic rifle for toddlers, laser rifle from 6 years, and the famous rifle for others.
Who will be the champion of the family? Take the challenge! Everyone at their own level participates in the competition. Enthusiasm and concentration will give the best results. The laughs are not excluded! The goal is to have a great time together. 
Your FAMILY BIATHLON programme details:
The success of this trip will depend on weather conditions. If conditions require adjustments or suspension of this program we will notify you the day before.
The Afternoon
  • Meet at 2:15pm at esf Grandes Rousses.
  • Safety is a top priority. A small point before departure is to prepare your route: snow conditions, weather and hire/organisation of your kit.
  • We all leave together to the Nordic Park site, 10 minutes away
  • On arrival, your instructor will give you all the technical advice you need for Nordic skiing.
  • Then, experience the adventure together with your family: initiation to biathlon. Everyone participates!
  • Return to esf at 4:45pm

Equipment recommendations:
Provisions supplied:
  • Rifles (laser, lead).
For you to bring:
  • Skis and poles, snowshoes (waterproof shoes) (possibility to reserve your equipment via the esf)
  • Water
Points of view
Views from our instructor
The family biathlon is an ideal way to spend a family afternoon enjoying the mountains while having fun, After the initiation and technical advice for both the nordic skiing and rifle, the practice is picked up quickly by everyone in the family. 
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