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Telemark -
free the heel and experience the freedom

The motto of a  telemarketer: free heel, free spirit !

Invented in 1868 by Sondre Norheim, a Norwegian peasant from the province of Telemark, hence the name, this sport is a patchwork of all types of skiing: alpine, nordic and off piste.

Telemark skiing allows the heel to be detached from the skis in order to make turns with bent knees. With wide skis, one reaches an easy, innovative and exhilarating technique which has a style all of its own. This Norwegian born style of ski offers an alternative ski discipline exploring the perfect balance.

  • LEVEL REQUIRED : class 1
  • EQUIPMENT : boots & skis for telemark
Dates & Times
12:30 to 14:00 (outside February)76.5 €
12:30 to 14:30 (February only)*102 €
09:15 to 12:00 (outside February)170 €
09:15 to 12:00 (February only)193 €
14:15 to 16:45 (outside February)155 €
14:45 to 17:15 (February only)*175 €
* February : from 9/02 to 7/03/20
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